money for something

'Sex sells. Life… now, that is harder to profit from.'  -
Aponi Kailash, Lot's Wife
When nineteen-year-old Mia is fired from her job at an insurance company, she answers an ad in the newspaper.

It says: Erotic Massage. Good Money. No Sex.

Mia takes to her new job with recklessness and good humour. While juggling the job’s demands, she battles her problematic drug use, and the mental illness that has shaped her life. But rather than needing saving from sex work, it is the work that sometimes helps to save Mia from her herself.

A raw and honest memoir about surviving, sex work, friendships, drugs and mental illness.

'An exploration and examination of the necessity and urgency of need; need as hunger, need as yearning, the need for drugs, the need to self-harm, the need for sex, attention, self-destruction, escape. There’s few that can hold a candle to her candour, as she waxes and never wanes, weighing in on “taboo” subjects and makes them totems.'  - Sydney Arts Guide
Money for Something was released July 2020 through Echo
'Money for Something is expansive. The book is a meditation on drug use and mental illness; an account of sex work that is generous and intimate and funny; and an ode to the women Mia Walsch met along the way. Yet with Walsch’s good humour and generosity, it never feels too much. It sits comfortably in its vastness.' - Katerina Bryant | InDaily

'Her stand-and-deliver account of life is frank, gritty, funny, grungy and upbeat. It’s also a revealing self-portrait that documents her drug addiction and serious mood swings. Intense writing, distinctive voice.' 
- SMH & The Age

'Money For Something, is a deeply personal, startlingly intimate memoir about sex, work, friendship, drugs and mental illness. Mia’s story is a far cry from the champagne-sipping, luxurious lifestyle of “Belle De Jour”. Money For Something is a turbulent sex and drug-fuelled reality rollercoaster that offers an unflinching and unapologetic perspective of one woman’s experiences in the Australian adult industry. Mia’s dark humour and refreshing honestly are what make Money For Something a memorable read.'
- Amie Wee | Penthouse Magazine